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Gwyl Fawr Aberteifi launched at castle

Colourful opening ceremony

Cardigan “Gwyl Fawr”‘s week long cultural programme was launched at Cardigan Castle with a colourful opening ceremony which commenced with a procession from the Guild Hall along the town High Street to the Castle.

Once at the Castle the audience were given a formal invitation to the Gwyl Fawr as the Corn Gwlad was sounded to all four corners by trumpeters Daniel and JacK Ramsbottom.

A call for peace over the event was symbolised by the sheathing of the ceremonial sword before “Dawns y Blodau” (Floral Dance) was performed by pupils from Cardigan Community Primary School. The ceremony conducted by Non Lewis and Rhidian Evans of Gwyl Fawr was brought to a close by children of Criw CICA who performed an extract of the musical which they will be performing at Cardigan Secondary School as part of Gwyl Fawr’s programme on Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th of June.

The Gwyl Fawr programme will also include “Talwrn y Beirdd” (Bardic Competition) at the Castle on Wednesday the 30th of June followed by the Eisteddfod at the Leisure Centre on Friday and Saturday before the Sunday service and the Closing Concert on Sunday the 3rd of July. Details on the Gwyl Fawr website www.gwylfawraberteifi.com.

Children at Cardigan Castle, in the gardens.