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As well as safeguarding 900 years of history, the restoration of Cardigan Castle has led archaeologists to some exciting discoveries – 9,500 of them in fact!

Among them, an archaeological dig even unearthed a new part of the original castle, dating back to the 1170s.

Other pieces to the puzzle have included an underground room, segment of dolphin skull, medieval arrowhead and NAAFI (Navy, Army and Airforce Institute) mug from World War II; with each artefact revealing more stories about Cardigan, the Castle, and the people that lived here.

Artefacts found and displayed at Cardigan Castle

What to see

Today, visitors can explore many never-seen-before artefacts, including medieval pottery and other archaeological finds from the Castle, shipbuilders’ tools, and items from Cardigan’s commercial and social history.

And be sure to take a picture in front of our beautifully restored whalebone arch – a ‘must-have’ feature for any early 19th century garden.

Discover our exhibitions at Castle Green House

Some Artefacts inside a display case, at Cardigan Castle.

Night-time residents

The Castle has been home to many over the years, from princes to policemen, but our most recent residents only come out to play at night.

Down in the dark basement of our medieval North Tower is a designated protected bat roost, housing the rare Greater Horseshoe bat. Other species can also be spotted flying high above the walls, predominantly the common pipistrelle.