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Get up close to bats!

Bat cam installed in tower kitchen


Visitors to Cardigan Castle will be able to get a close up view of the castle’s most important guests this autumn.

A bat cam has been installed with two infra red cameras in the medieval basement beneath Castle Green House. The 14-strong colony of protected Greater Horseshoe bats have been intriguing ecologists for years – it is believed that Cardigan Castle is the northernmost area where these rare creatures are found.

The castle colony set up home in the 13th century vaulted basement and during the castle’s restoration work were given their own ‘bat chute’. To experts astonishment their numbers increased during the building work and now they are expected to return home to the castle cellar to roost later this year.

Castle facilities officer Sue Lewis said: “The bat cam not only gives visitors a look at the bats but also allows them to have a peek at the castle’s hidden medieval cellar. We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding this piece of equipment which is bound to be a hit with visitors of all ages.”