Dark Wales Ghost Tour

Castle Lawn Cardigan Castle, Cardigan, United Kingdom

Cardigan Castle is a 900 year old site which fully reflects it's 900 year story. Along the way it has garnered a reputation for ghostly goings. You can explore these for yourself with a night time tour of the Castle! Join Dark Wales Tours as they explore the incredible history of this castle and hear …



Castle Lawn Cardigan Castle, Cardigan, United Kingdom

'I believe that my own life is the biggest theme I know about. Nothing mediocre happens in my life' A show that follows the life of one of Wales’ most important authors – Kate Roberts. Born in Rhosgadfan, she saw the effects of the Great War on her family and her community; in discovering more …


Proms at the castle ’24

As we kick off the summer events on the lawn in front of Castle Green House, we are delighted to present Proms at the Castle 24’.


Money for Nothing (Dire Straits Tribute band)

Money for Nothing was formed in 2000 as a tribute to one of the world’s premier rock bands – Dire Straits. The abundant energy and the excellence and musicality of their performance makes Money for Nothing a “must see” for any rock enthusiast or Dire Straits fan.


Illyria – The Gondoliers

Castle Lawn Cardigan Castle, Cardigan, United Kingdom

Set in picturesque Venice, this light-hearted operetta will whisk you away to a world of blissful romance, barbed satire and comedic chaos. Two charming gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe, suddenly find themselves elevated to the status of royalty. Each tasked with choosing their Queen from a bevy of beautiful women, hilarity ensues when the rightful Queen …